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Oil price in October - where, how much and at what price we bought it

During this period, the price of imported oil and oil products increased by 35.1%. If last year in October the price of 1 liter of oil and oil products was 74 cents, in October this year its price totals to USD 1? Top Partner Countries By Oil Share And Oil Price:


Bank of Georgia Ranks The First By ROE

System bank’s market positions are strengthened. The share by lending totals to 36.3%, while by Chartered Capital – 34%.Bank of Georgia (BOG) ranks the second. The bank finished 10 months with a profit of over 755,4 million ( 01.11.2021 – 701,5 million).


I welcome the slowdown in lending – Chakir

Chakir supports a strict policy due to the fact that there is inflationary pressure, at the same time there is a risk that inflationary expectations will strengthen.To avoid this and to bring inflation down to the target level, tight monetary policy is a countermeasure and the right policy response. It expects annual inflation to reach 10.5% in 2022, 3.8% at the end of 2023, and close to the target rate in 2024.The NBG is optimistic about the IMF and expects it to approach the target indicator. Several features give hope: downward commodity indexes, active tourism, remittances, which strengthens the GEL and directly affects imported inflation.IMF predicts 10% economic growth in 2022. By 2023, after mitigating the effect of migrants, gaining  the consequences of war and global deflation, growth is expected to be within 4%.


TBC's Share In Deposits Of legal Entities Exceeds 41%

System Bank is number one among profitable banks (11) with a 46.7% share., which supervisory capital amounts to 4.436 billion (10m/2021 - 3.759 billion), it occupies a leading position in the market.From next year, the NBG will enter with several more buffers, with an updated countercyclical one, which should adjust the growth rate of lending to a moderate level. Systematicity buffer has also been revised, therefore 2.5% more capital than TBC, non-systematic bank and 1.5% more than systematic Liberty Bank is required.The ratio will further increase once its market share in terms of deposits exceeds 40%. At the moment (as of 01.11.2022), with non-bank deposits, it is 39.5%. including 41.1% with deposits of legal entities.


Galt & Taggart - imports of construction materials from Russia and Ukr...

In the same period, the imports of construction materials from Ukraine amounted to $36 million, this data is reduced by 47.1% compared to the previous year (Jan-Sep 2021: $68 million).Galt & Taggart notes in their research that dependence on imports from Russia and Ukraine is moderate and substitutable.


In October, 236 persons were prosecuted for domestic violence

Of these, 150 persons committed a crime before the probationary period expired, which is 7.2% of the persons prosecuted.