Tbilisi (GBC) - The portfolio of banks’ business loans is growing mainly at the expense of lending to the trade-services and construction sectors, while retail is growing with consumer loans.

According to the NBG, other industries, including funding of  HoReCa sector has increased slightly. The volume of lending to hotels and restaurants has  grown from 1.5 billion GEL to 1.78 billion GEL annually.

Trade financing increased by 1 billion (+24% Y.Y) to 5.2 billion GEL annually. Investment bankers say the sector is seen as a major break on (domestic) inflation.

According to the NBG, construction lending has increased by more than 30% since Q1/2023 and will amount to 4.7 billion GEL by Q1/2024.

The share of lending to industry (GEL 4.4 billion) in total loans to legal entities (GEL 24.09 billion) is within 18.2%. It includes the United Energy portfolio, the share of which is 3.3% in the investment of legal entities.

The total share of trade and construction financing in the banks' corporate portfolio is 41%.