Tbilisi (GBC) - The Georgian Film Development Fund has announced an electronic tender worth 2.8 million GEL. The purpose of the tender is to create a ticket buying/selling platform.

Acceptance of proposals in the tender ended on September 26 and is currently in the selection/evaluation stage.

The tender had three candidates. These are:

· LLC Volt - with an offer of 2.8 million GEL;

· Orient Logic - with an offer of 2.4 million GEL;

· QWERTY US LLC – with an offer of 2.3 million GEL.

Since "QWERTY US" bid is the lowest, it is the favorite in this tender.

According to the documentation, the service delivery period is defined as 24 months.

According to the tender requirements, the contractor must follow Agile Scrum development methodology.

When implementing the system, it is necessary to use a DevOps approach, in particular, to build CI/CD pipelines between the relevant branches and environments in order to automatically deliver new releases to the customer.

From 2020 until today, the bidder must have completed work of a similar content, with a total value of 2.5 million GEL.

In addition, the candidate is required to have qualified programmers.

No information on the winning tenders of "QWERTY US LLC" can be found on the website of the State Procurement Agency. Also, there is no information on the website of the public registry agency with the mentioned name.