Tbilisi (GBC) - In January-February, 11.7 million liters of wine was sold abroad from Georgia worth of $34.5 million, which was 3.9% more in monetary terms, and 3.8% more in quantity than the same period of the previous year (Jan-Feb 2022: $33.2 million). 11.3 million liters).

The export value of Georgian wine has not changed compared to the previous year. Both last year and this year, the average price of 1 liter of Georgian export wine is 2.94 USD.

The wine import partners are as follows:

1) Russia - $23.9 million for 5.6 million liters (69% of wine exports)

2) Ukraine - $1.8 million for 624 thousand liters (5.2% of wine exports)

3) Poland - $1.7 million for 685.2 thousand liters (4.9% of wine exports).