Tbilisi (GBC) – The National Tourism Administration reports, that 2.9 million international travelers visited Georgia in 6 months. This indicator is 76% more than the same period of the previous year, and 16% less than the 6 months of 2019 (pre-pandemic period).

74% of visits were made from the Europe, a total of 2.1 million visitors came from Europe in 6 months.

European regions in detail:

In January-June, 47% of international travelers' visits came from Central and Eastern Europe (1.3 million visits).

A total of 21.5 thousand visits were made from Northern Europe, which is 0.7% of the total figure.

23.5 thousand visits were made from Southern Europe, which is 0.8% of visits.

47.5 thousand visits were made from Western Europe, which is 1.7% of visits.

690.3 thousand visits were made from Eastern and Mediterranean Europe, which is 2.4% of visits.

A total of 24,500 visits were made from America, which is 0.9% of visits.

A total of 146,000 visitors came from the East Asia/Pacific basin, accounting for 5.1% of total visits.

A total of 5.8 thousand visitors came from Africa, which is 0.2% of visits.

The rest of the visits were made from "other" countries (UN, non-resident of Georgia, others), which is 6% of the total visits.