Tbilisi (GBC) - In the last 5 months of 2023, Georgia is leading in terms of supplying still wines to Russia. In this indicator, Georgia surpassed Italy.

The Russian publication "Kommersant" disseminates information about this, based on the customs authorities of Russia.

The import of Georgian wine to Russia increased by 63% and exceeded 24 million liters. At the same time, 23.4 million liters of Italian wine were imported into Russia - supply has increased by 31%. Imports from other countries have also increased - Spain, France and Portugal.

In January-May, 35.6 million liters of wine worth $103.5 million were exported from Georgia, which was 29.7% more in monetary terms, and 31.4% more in quantity than the same period of the previous year (January-May 2022: 27.1 of $79.8 million million liters).


TOP-3 exporting countries:

1. Russia - 25.3 million liters worth $69.1 million (66.8% of exports).

2. Poland - 2.2 million liters worth $5.4 million (5.2% of exports).

3. China - 1.5 million liters worth $5.1 million (4.9% of exports)