Tbilisi (GBC) - Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Friday said the Government would present a new, four-year plan that would be both “ambitious and realistic” and would “qualitatively strengthen” the economic, trade and transit potential of the country.

“For this purpose, large investments will be made in the development of road, railway, air, sea transport infrastructure. The state will actively support production development, [and] export growth. Also, the educational system and infrastructure of the country will be fundamentally strengthened”, Kobakhidze said.

He added “reforms and changes” were being implemented “in many directions”, which would “directly or indirectly contribute” to the development of business in Georgia and have a “positive impact” on economic progress and business development.

Speaking at the event organised by the Business Association of Georgia, Kobakhidze said the Government would need “continuous collaboration” with the business sector to overcome challenges facing the latter.

“We will need to coordinate with business so that Government decisions on each of these issues are as rational as possible, and tailored to the interests of business and economic progress. We need new ideas from you in order to further increase the pace of economic development, improve the environment for doing business, and for investing in Georgia”, he said.

The Prime Minister promised the Government would “work actively” with the business society to overcome “all challenges” and create the “best possible environment” for business.

In comments on the challenges, Kokbakhidze mentioned the lack of a qualified labour force and said changes were needed in education to facilitate related development.