Tbilisi (GBC) -

A large number of people are eagerly waiting for summer and everything that comes with it: rest, entertainment and exciting adventures to restore energy and motivation for almost the whole year. Ruining these happy moments can have a long-term effect on people's mood and productivity.

That is why it is important to plan your summer properly. This process consists of the following steps:

·Decide with whom you will be spending vacation with.

·Plan vacation dates and agree with colleagues at work.

·Close your eyes and imagine the place where you most want to go on vacation. Plan your vacation there. Don't let challenges scare you because you deserve it.

·Make a budget in advance that you will be using during your vacation.

·In order to accumulate the necessary amount, it is good if you open the account in advance and start saving up in advance.

If you plan all this in advance, the summer will surely pass perfectly. However, when planning your budget, keep in mind that you can take a vacation first and pay later, with the help of the Basisbank Credit Mego Card. It offers the friendliest conditions in the market, best customized to the client's needs.

The Basisbank credit card is an ideal option for vacation, shopping or other unexpected expenses. When using wisely, clients enjoy an interest-free grace period of up to 55 days, pay the cost of the product or service without commission and receive cashback in the amount of 1% of the amount paid with the Mego card at the POS terminal of any bank.

Getting a Mego Credit Card is free and no service fee is charged. It is possible to use the highest credit limit up to GEL 30,000 and enjoy the lowest interest rate. The amount of the monthly payment is only 2% of the amount used. The low ATM withdrawal fee of 2.5%, at least GEL1, is also one of the advantages of the card, compared to the credit cards in the market.

Basisbank's Mego Credit Card will prevent your vacation from unforeseen events.