Tbilisi (GBC) - There are already 7 digital wallets in the VASPs register, which is licensed by the NBG. The regulator has registered WhiteBit, a crypto exchange ( digital wallet), which is supported by its own PSP (payment service provider).

According to the NBG, WhiteBIT already owns a VASP license in various EU countries, including Spain and Lithuania. After the start of hostilities in Ukraine, WhiteBIT left the Russian market.

WhaitBIT card is in circulation, it is possible to withdraw money through an ATM with W/B Card. The trader will transfer the merchandise on the crypto exchange to the card and cash it in 3 currencies, Lari, USD and Euro.

As you know, the digital wallet registration fee is 5,000 GEL. Also, as announced, bringing crypto asset trading platforms under the supervision of the NBG serves to legalize this segment and protect users. VASP requires appropriate software mechanisms for continuous monitoring of customer base and transactions.