Tbilisi (GBC) - After the adoption of the "Russian Law”, how many citizens of Georgia will leave the country?

- Roman Gitsiridze, before being kicked out of the session by Okhanashvili, only managed to ask this one question.

And the Euro-optimist, together with the rest of the "optimists", found himself outside the door of the meeting hall.

Gotsiridze had to rhetorically ask the remaining questions and condemn the unworthy actions of the leader of the session, along with other expelled people (Dekanoidze, Khabeishvili, Vashadze, Manjgaladze...).

Gotsiridze would have managed to ask all the questions if he had not given a long introduction. According to him, the law of "agents" in the civilian world is in effect in three countries, USA/Israel/New Zealand, for security and not for transparency.

So the Georgian (Russian) draft law is wrong both in terms of time and context.

Roman Gotsiridze pointed out to Okhanashvili the potential risks that will follow the possible legalization of the project.

How can survive the disabled, displaced or other social groups dependent on international aid, including more than 200 independent regional media?

This question remained unanswered.

However, Gotsiridze managed to list the countries where the law applies: Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.