Tbilisi (GBC) - LLC "Sakaeronavigatsia" announces a 10.3 million GEL tender. The tender involves the purchase of radar tracking equipment. In particular, the purchase of a "latest generation" monopulse secondary survey radar (MSSR) and its subsequent usage.

Acceptance of proposals in the tender starts on May 27 and will continue until June 1.

According to the tender requirements, the bidder must have at least 15 years of experience in the production of air traffic control MSSR radars. In addition, the bidder must also submit at least three letters of recommendation for completed projects in the supply and installation of Monopulse Secondary Survey Radar (MSSR) in EU Member States within the last 7 years.

LLC "Sakaeronavigatsia" is a 100% state company. "Sakaeronavigatsia" has been losing money for many years.

In 2020, its loss amounted to 28.7 million GEL. In 2021, despite the 56% increase in sales to 76.7 million GEL, the company's annual loss amounted to 8.8 million GEL.

The loss is mainly caused by the cost of personnel compensation, which is more than 61% of the company's total assets and amounts to 47 million GEL. Compared to 2020, the company increased employee salaries by almost 10% (2020 - 46 million GEL).

According to the financial report, the company had 824 employees at the end of 2021. Accordingly, the average monthly salary of 1 employee is more than 4750 GEL.

Supervisory Board:

Chairman: Levan Karanadze,

Deputy Chairman: Mariam Kvrivishvili;

Member: Lela Chikovani;

Member: Giorgi Butkhuzi;

Member: Mikheil Dundua;

Executive Director - Giorgi Edisherashvili;

General Director - Gocha Mezvrishvili.